Do You Fight Fair?

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Do You Fight Fair? 7 Ways to Recognize and Respect Your Partner’s Actions and Boundaries Being in a romantic relationship has many wonderful moments, and can be very fulfilling. It is not always easy though, and sometimes requires a great deal of work. It can be difficult to learn to read your partner’s signals, spoken and unspoken. Learning to recognize … Read More

Fiscally Ready for New Year?

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I found this short article from Suze Orman and wanted to share: No-Sweat Fiscal Fitness Checklist Make just one small change each month, and by this time next year you’ll be in the best financial shape of your life. January: If your employer matches employee contributions to a 401(K), sign up now. Make sure you set aside enough to qualify … Read More

Do you teach your kids about being Truthful?

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In reading “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield, one of the success priciples is based on telling the truth. Most of us avoid telling the truth because it’s uncomfortable. We are afriad of the consequences like making others feel uncomfortable, hurting their feelings, or risking them being angry. And yet, when we don’t tell the truth, and others don’t tell … Read More

No Crying in Baseball?

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Recently at my grandson’s little league baseball game (ages 6,7 & 8), I was reminded of all of the games I attended for my son. Have you ever watched parents at a little league game? The parents are much more competitive than the kids, not realizing that the kids are watching their every move. And, yes, I was one of … Read More

Saving Money Q & A

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This question came from Mary in New York: Q: I’m trying really hard to save extra money. What do you suggest? A: It is the little things in life that we do that can make the biggest difference: 1.      Save your spare change in a large container. This is something all family members can contribute to. At the end of … Read More

Step Parent Q & A

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The question came from Judy in Iowa: Q: I’m about to become a step mother to three children, but I don’t have any children of my own. What advice can you give me to help me with this transition? A: Judy – first of all, congratulations on your impending blended family. Many people cannot handle the thought of this type … Read More

Ask the Author

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I’ve added a new category to my blog where readers can ask the author questions on Life Skills; Step parenting, or Surviving Teenagers. You can post questions here or email them to and they will be answered here for all to see. So, how can I help you today?

Something to Ponder

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This has been a round for a while, but it is definitely worth sharing. Please take time to read: SOMETHING TO PONDER: George Carlin   George Carlin’s wife died early in 2008 and George followed her, dying in July 2008.  An observation by George Carlin: The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter … Read More

What is “Universal” to You?

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This week while on an interview with, which is an International Radio, I realized during the breaks that the music, no matter in what language, can be universal. They say love is universal. Which now has me wondering – what else is “universal” that we all can understand – no matter what language?   I believe Art, in many different … Read More

Hello world!

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I am a new Author and so excited to be sharing with you about my new book coming out Fall 2010.