Understanding Your Core Values – Where is Your Focus?

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Understanding Your Core Values Where is your focus? A spiritual journey: Life is not going to care about your arguments and it will go uninterrupted in its own way. It’s you who is supposed to pay attention to life and manage your choices and focus accordingly. Normally when we are facing bad times, we make our thinking in the same … Read More

Having “The Sex Talk” with Your Teen

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Communicate As parents, we can make a difference when we talk with our kids. In fact, teens often name their parents as the biggest influence in their decisions about sex. Teens who report having conversations with their parents about sex are more likely to delay sexual activity, have fewer partners, and use condoms and other contraceptives when they do have sex. … Read More

Step Parents as Role-Models

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In The 4-1-1 on Step Parenting I explain what type of role you play in a step child’s life. It is only natural that you want your step children to love you, respect you and obey you. The only thing you may be certain of is you feel out-of-place and uncertain of what your role in this new family unit … Read More

Get Organized in 2017

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Get Organized in 2017! We all make resolutions at the beginning of the year and by February or March we no longer feel they are important. Instead of making too many resolutions that may take too long to accomplish, start with these time-saving tips: Plan your day ahead and stick to it. If you have try planning out your day … Read More

Got Goals? Got a Plan for 2017?

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The key to a life of continual learning and improvement lies in developing a specific plan for growth and following through with it. Once you have set your goals, you need to create a plan. The process of personal growth planning revolves around the creation of an action plan that is based on your ambitions for development in areas such as career … Read More

Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is full of opportunities for people to get together for fun, food, and sharing. By following some simple precautions, you can make the holidays safe for your, your family, and your friends. Teach children to stay away from candles, fireplaces, fireworks, space heaters, matches, and lighters. Holly and mistletoe can be poisonous to small children and pets. … Read More

Step Families and Holidays

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Step Families and Holidays A step parent who has particular holiday traditions from the rest of the family, especially a step parent with no child of their own, can feel left out of the celebration. All family traditions have force. It is vital for everyone to be considered when planning holidays. Things you should consider when planning holidays: Who is … Read More

Do You Fight Fair?

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Do You Fight Fair? 7 Ways to Recognize and Respect Your Partner’s Actions and Boundaries Being in a romantic relationship has many wonderful moments, and can be very fulfilling. It is not always easy though, and sometimes requires a great deal of work. It can be difficult to learn to read your partner’s signals, spoken and unspoken. Learning to recognize … Read More